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The Swedish car brand has modern technology. This is due to a history of evolution and production of sedans, sports cars, compacts, family cars and more. This is the new Volvo XC60 T8 Plug-in Hybrid. Power, innovation, design and cutting-edge design for your family. A jewel ready to dominate the street or rough to explore the countryside. If you are adventurous or require stylish machinery, this is your choice.

Feel the fury of the Scandinavian athlete, an SUV with stylish lines and great power. In addition, you will learn how the hybrid system that is giving what to talk about works. Discover the SUV of the future below. 


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The new Volvo XC60 T8 is environmentally conscious with its low CO2 emissions. This is due to its optimized T8 Twin Engine 2.0 L engine. This efficient hybrid performance engine is capable of developing 407 horsepower. It harnesses the full power of 640 Nm of torque, equivalent to 2200-4800 rpm.

Its 1969 cm3 engine displacement offers high performance on the road by the power of 4 cylinders in line Turbo/Supercharged + Electric. This property adds lower fuel consumption and maximum efficiency. It also has a second 400-volt electric motor with lithium battery, which gives you autonomy to move wherever you want. Charge it to a 110V or 220V outlet and get 87 hp of power with zero emissions.


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It is upholstered with first-class Scandinavian materials that provide total exclusivity. The main seats are electric, also have driving mode selector. You have a customizable 9-inch touch screen, synchronization with Apple Car Play and Android Auto + Infotainment. Enjoy its 12.3-inch digital instrument panel, air conditioning and high comfort.


The Volvo XC60 T8 is stylish and has all the power and ruggedness to take you into unexplored terrain. It has LED nighttime lights, integrated roof rails, side moldings and active lighting technology. 


Automotive electrification responds to the need of anti-pollution for the planet. Thus appears the Mild Hybrid system or 48-volt micro-hybridization. Basically, this system has two engines, one combustion and one electric. The second motor works only as an assistant and is smaller. This is used to replace the starter motor and alternator, in addition for powering other components, such as the sound.