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We all have been hearing of the Toyota Vitz and Yaris models, which are one of the most reliable cars to purchase for your personal use. However, these twos virtually mean the same thing in the sense that the name "Toyota Vitz" is given to the vehicle in Japanese markets while it tags "Toyota Yaris" in the rest of the world. The only difference between these two models might be in their interior designs and powerful engines. For instance, the Toyota Vitz has an engine of 94 horsepower, while the Yaris uses an engine of about 106 horsepower. However, both brands market the same car.

As of 12th January 2017, the Toyota manufacturers had launched a new grade of the Toyota Vitz, and they branded the vehicle the "Hybrid Vitz U." Toyota came up with this redesigned grade of the Toyota Vitz to meet the growing demands of customers for a hybrid version of the model. The only main changes found in the Toyota Hybrid Vitz is the exterior and its enhanced hybrid engine system.

At, we believe the Toyota Vitz automobile is a trustable brand to purchase for easy maintenance and drivability in Ethiopia. This car has environmentally friendly and safety features that can offer potential buyers a responsive and fun to drive experience.

What does the Toyota Hybrid Vitz have to offer?

An upgraded Hybrid engine and lightweight design to provide sufficient room space and fuel economy 
The Toyota Hybrid Vitz uses a 1.5-liter engine system that gives an improved control of the engine, motor, inverter, and other components. This upgraded technology gives a fuel efficiency of 34.4 KM/L ¹ and lower emission of about 75%.

The drive battery is placed under the rear seat of the vehicle, thereby creating enough interior and cargo space. The length of the car is about 3,945 mm (which is 60 mm more than the earlier model) and has a width of about 1,655 mm that makes it easier for you to steer skillfully while in motion, thus achieving a minimum turning radius of 4.7 m³.

Polished interior design to give it a sense of reliability

Most Toyota Vitz cars use a black leathered designed interior to create a refined look. The new hybrid models come in two peculiar colors - The barrel brown and Masala. The Hybrid U uses the barrel brown color in its interior for a polished and modern look, while its twin - the Hybrid Jewela grade uses the Marsala color.

This active entry-level model has an interior equipped with front and back electric windows, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity, dual-zone climate control, keyless start, cruise control, road sign recognition, a rearview camera, and the advanced Toyota's Touch 2 infotainment systems complete with DAB radio and 7.0 inches touchscreen display.


Photo curtesy: Toyota

A refined and dynamic exterior design to give it a sense of flexibility: 
The Toyota Hybrid Vitz front view exterior uses handy materials such as a front bumper, low grille, headlights, and fog lamp cover. Its rearview consists of the back door, back door garnish, rear combination taillights, rear bumper, and rear wiper. And then the side, it uses an updated wheel design to create an enhanced feel.

The Toyota Hybrid Vitz comes in 14 different colors, including the newly developed Clear Blue Crystal Shine, Dark Blue Mica, Olive Mica Metallic, and the Avant-Garde Bronze Metallic.

Photo curtesy: Toyota

Where to get the Toyota Vitz? 
If you are looking for where to purchase the Toyota Vitz automobile, try and you will find a variety of Toyota Vitz models for sale at prices ranging from BR 525,000 to BR 1,200,000. On this platform, you can also communicate with the seller locally by offering your estimated bid on the vehicle. 

For more details, here’s a YouTube video of the Toyota Hybrid Vitz 2019 automobile -

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