Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular model of cars around the world, and obviously also in Ethiopia. Any day, there are hundreds of Toyota Corolla for sale on You can see in the streets of Addis Ababa and any city in Ethiopia that a lot of Corolla mekinas are around!

The first generation of Toyota Corolla has been launched in 1966, and since then it has been one of the best selling model of cars worldwide. More than 45 million of this model has been sold since its beginnings, and more than twelth generation has been released, with the last one in 2018 with its hatchback model.

In 1970, 1 million of Toyota Corolla has been sold around the world. It then reached the 5 million mark 6 years after in 1976, 10 million units mark in 1982, and the 45 million mark last year in 2017.

In Ethiopia, Toyota Corolla used car prices will go from around 80,000 Birr (ETB) for a car dating from 1995 or even 1985, up to 1,200,000 ETB for a 2015 generation with only 6,000 kilometers, almost new one. 

Customers in Ethiopia can then find Toyota Corolla for pretty much all budgets, ranging from 80,000 ETB (about 3,000 US$) to more than 1 million ETB (more than 35,000 US$). Very reliable, easy to repair with a lot of garages and mechanics used to this model, and with a lot of spare parts, genuine ones, new ones or second hand ones, or cheaper ones from China, available all around Ethiopia.