Lyft recently partnered with Huge to create ‘Passport Mode’, their newest themed ride mode. Lyft is popular for their exclusive themed ride experiences that pop up around cities in the US. 

Washington DC hosts a cultural festival that is aimed at highlighting its thriving international diplomatic community every year in May. May is celebrated as the International Cultural Awareness Month. 

This year, Lyft partnered with Huge as part of their way of getting involved in the cultural celebration held in Washington DC. Lyft is the exclusive rideshare partner of Passport DC. The partnership between Lyft and Huge creates a new way for people to share different cultures and give life to the event. Developing Passport Mode involved selecting drivers in DC with international backgrounds and creating intricate vehicle wraps each representing each driver’s culture. Among the Passport Mode cars created featured cultures from Ethiopia, Morocco, Brazil, Jamaica and Peru where each showcased something unique from the literature. The car wraps were vibrant and eye-catching. 

The Passport Mode cars first hit the streets of DC during the first weekend of May and will remain in the market throughout the month to mark the celebrations. Passengers of Passport Mode cars are treated to the driver’s culture through story-telling, music, and language as they move from one point to another. Additionally, the passengers receive souvenirs of passports, custom stamps and passport photos taken during the trip. The passengers are also advised about the best of the driver’s country of origin including cities, restaurants, and beaches that they can visit.