The popular thinking has led us to believe that maintenance service is expensive and not necessary, especially if the vehicle is new. This is a gross error of thinking. A vehicle with a good maintenance history, in addition to having better performance, also better preserves its market value and largely reduce threats to road safety.

Maintenance service benefits

Cost reduction: although at first it may upset your budget, it is cheaper in the medium and long term than having to make an unexpected repair. Inactivity can also damage your car and this applies to private vehicles. 

Fuel and lubricant savings: by complying with the maintenance program, the car operates at its maximum efficiency level and extra fuel and lubricant costs are avoided.


And although the owner's manuals recommend specific time and mileage for basic maintenance service, it is also important to perform it when we have planned longer trips for vacation reasons such as the Christmas holidays. 


The maintenance service includes a complete inspection of the vehicle with diagnostic tests and, if necessary, replacement of parts, filter and lubricant changes, as well as cleaning and lubrication of components.

Broadly speaking, during the overhaul, special attention is given to the engine, suspension, brakes and tires.


gray and black engine

Preventive maintenance of the engine avoids premature wear of its parts, which are often subjected to extreme operating conditions. Oil and filter changes will depend on the manufacturer's recommendations which are expressed in kilometers or months/years.

It is the user's responsibility to report any anomalies or pertinent details about unusual engine performance to the dealer or authorized workshop. For example, changes in temperature levels out of the ordinary, noises, dripping, vapors or lack of power.


The brakes are the backbone of your vehicle's safety system and that is why they must always work precisely.


black and silver car wheel

Tire maintenance is not only limited to measuring tire pressure or evaluating their external appearance. It is necessary to schedule periodically an appointment with experts to verify their alignment and balancing to guarantee the stability of the vehicle.