Green Tech Ethiopia is the second firm to enter the hybrid car manufacturing industry in the country after Marathon Motors. Being a private company, it has introduced six different models of solar and electric cars.

Out of the six models, 70 have arrived, and another 200 are at the Djibouti Port; however, they intend to import approximately 5000 cars in the next five years. These cars are manufactured in China. However, the company has plans to assemble in the country itself soon.

Being almost new to the hybrid industry, the company has tried its best to facilitate the lower-income groups by providing a credit facility of 40/60 to potential customers. This way, the middle class can purchase a few cars and even make another income source through these technologically advanced vehicles. The company is also working with various finance and banking sectors to help provide loan facilities.

As per Mr. Tedros Tadesse, the communications head of Green Tech Ethiopia, these cars can run for 320 kilometers if charged fully. If these cars are used in the future, the excessive importation of fuel could stop and the heavy payment for the overpriced fuel. Considering they have a minimum maintenance cost, they will be easy to afford for all classes.

Along with saving the cost of fuel, it is also a huge relief to the environment as it will cut down a lot of pollution caused by gas emissions from vehicles. Today, almost every country is trying its best to modernize the transportation system and switch to hybridization due to climatic changes.

Gen-Z and millennials realize the importance of keeping Earth healthy and are trying to switch to products that make life on Earth healthier and electric cars are the best alternative. But unfortunately, the amount of carbon dioxide and other hazardous gasses the diesel engine cars release increases day by day. Thus, companies like Green Tech will be a source of helping hand in this noble cause.

However, Marathon Motors and Green Tech are all working within the Domestic borders of their country, and it will take years of hard work to be a competitor of Tesla.