Sun protection in Ethiopia for your vehicle is as important as for your skin. It was being observed that due to heat of the sun the interior of the car got damaged. It's not just the dashboard and chairs that need to be protected from the sun's harmful rays. The finish and engine of an automobile are also in danger. So, whether you live in a warm region all year or simply require protection during the summer, it's always a good idea to be safe and prepared.

You should always look out for simple ways, and more preferable, the DIYS protect your car from sun heat. Here are some ways to protect your vehicle from sun effects and heat.

Car interior protection

  • Wipe off the dashboard with a microfiber towel: Dust particles can scratch your dashboard, so it’s better to wipe off all the dirt and dust. A low-gloss protecting product can also help in cleaning and can reduce glare.
  • Installing the seat covers: Seat covers are necessary for every vehicle to protect the leather and keep them cool.
  • Avoid parking n heat: It is the most basic type of defense. You can help protect your dash from drying and cracking by avoiding direct sunshine. Open the windows a gap if it's safe to do so to assist reduce the inside temperature and equalize the air pressure.
  • Use windshield sun protector: The only way to protect your windshield from damages. It is a way to keep your car cool and protect it from any kind of damage.
  • Use leather seat conditioners:  They can be severely damaged by the sun and heat. Keep seats clean and apply leather conditioner regularly to help prevent cracks and rips.

Car exterior protection

  • Use car wax: A coating of wax between your automobile's finish and the sun's UV radiation is an excellent approach to help protect it.
  • Wash and dry: Sun and heat can lead the car’s paint to fade and leave cracks. It should be washed regularly and dried immediately to avoid dust, dirt, or heat cracks.
  • Tire pressure should be checked: Hot pavement combined with underinflated tires may be a dangerous mix resulting in a blowout. Even excellent tires can lose one pound of air pressure every month, so it's critical to check tire pressure frequently while it's hot. Make sure to use the tire pressure suggested by your car's manufacturer.

The engine compartment

  • Battery: For the long run, get your battery system checked regularly.
  • Fluids: Check the motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid regularly.
  • Air Conditioner: The refrigerant level of your air conditioner may affect if your car’s interior is not cool enough.
  • Cooling system: Make sure your engine is in good functioning. Check the belts and drain the antifreeze/coolant.