The 2021 Honda City represents the evolution of a model that was meticulously transformed to pretend that nothing was changed, when in fact almost everything is new. The new generation of the City aims to retain its followers through the brand's classic styling, with a very horizontal design and sharp headlights, matched by a large chrome decorative bar on the grille.

The interior is comfortable and very spacious

The 2021 Honda City has not been radically transformed on the inside. The dashboard is completely new, yet its design is very reminiscent of the previous generation. although with updated buttons. Honda returned the knobs to the air conditioning control, to replace the touch panel of the previous model. It looked futuristic, but it wasn't very practical.

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The interiors seem simple to some extent. There is only some padding material on the sides of the center console and in the glove compartment. The rest is hard plastic, even in areas where leather or cloth is common, such as the door panels. 

About the engine 

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It has an interesting 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with 119 hp and 107 lb-ft. It is not exactly the same as the last generation; it now has a double overhead aiming for greater efficiency. Its power meets its expectations. It's not a slow subcompact, although it's not overpowered. It has the necessary power and no more. The good thing about this engine is its elasticity.It does not feel bad at low revs and does not choke at high revs.

This is important because the transmission drops to 1,500 revolutions when releasing the throttle and that is the importance of having a good acceleration almost from idle. Its CVT automatic gearbox is not like the classic CVT. It understands well the subtleties that we indicate with the accelerator pedal. If you depress it a little, it will rev up without delay; if you release it, it drops quickly to save fuel.

Regarding consumption, the Honda City 2021 is located in the average of the category. It does not surprise as the Fit does, but it is within what is expected for a sedan of this size, with an average of 11.5 km/l in the city.