Having your car washing in Ethiopia could be as easy as having a cup of coffee around the corner. There are enormous small and big car washing and servicing facilities in Addis Ababa. Most fuel stations (Total Ethiopia, Libya Oil Ethiopia, NOC, etc.) provide car wash and services and probably they are the easiest to find. They also provide services to change your oils and filters and fix flat tires.

There are also few specialized car wash service provides. Crystal Auto Group, found around Imperial Hotel is a modern automotive treatment facility. Having a state of the art facility, it has the capacity to provide modern car wash services for six vehicles at a time. It also has provides oil changing services and modern tire repair services. Crystal Cleaning, which is a smaller and oldest branch of Crystal Auto Group is located around Mesqel Flower providing different car wash and servicing facilities. Other modern car washing and care centers in Addis Ababa include YZ Auto Spa found around Bole Medhaniyalem, Bubbles Car Wash found in Bole Sub City and Karibu Car Sale & Cleaning Center found around Kebena.

There are also quite a number of small car wash facilities around Addis Ababa. While, many of them are done by proper washing machine with the water connected to the municipal supply line, there are also many washing services across Addis Ababa that are done by hand with no proper drainage line usually the water coming from a nearby river by a group of young boys working together.

It is also common to find different young boys cleaning cars on the streets of Addis Ababa wherever parking is allowed. These young boys usually clean only the body of the vehicle and usually also watch over the vehicle until the driver is back.

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