If you find yourself troubled with a broken vehicle or any other vehicle maintenance issues, do not worry. Addis Ababa is full of garages from small to big, from general auto-maintenance service to specialized, providing full range of mechanical, electrical or body paint and repair services for your vehicles that meets your needs. Some of the garages have state of the art computerized diagnostic centers that diagnoses what is wrong with your vehicle and provide you satisfactory maintenance services. Here is a list, CarGebeya compiled for you:

Johnny General Auto Car Maintenance & Assembly - found around Megenagna is among the leading and well know garages in Addis Ababa; they work with different vehicle brands and models. Ethio-Lakes General Automotive trading, located around Gottera, is a specialized garage for Land Rover, BMW and Ford; delivering full range of services. They also work with some other brands such as Toyota. Aemero Garage - found around Jakros Square, Deginet Gutema Garage- located at the heart of Kera, Top Garage located around Kality, etc. are among some of the big garages in town. In addition to service and repairs, some of the small garages also provide vehicle sales, spare parts and tiers.

All the big vehicle importing companies, such as MOENCO - Toyota, Daihatsu and Lexus vehicles; Nyala Motors - NISSAN Vehicles; Orbis Trading - Mercedes-Benz and Renault brands; Ries Engineering – Ford; Hagbes – Daewoo, KIA, etc. brands and other companies have their own garages and service centers. They provide their customers with express maintenance and after sales service for the brands and the vehicles they import.

While many garages in Addis Ababa are concentrated around Kera, Kalitiy, Mesalemiya, Haya Hulet, etc. there are also different garages scattered across the city that meet your needs depending on the type of vehicle or truck and the brand that you are driving.

According to the Ethiopian Government Transport Authority Regulations, all vehicles are required to undergo Annual Technical Inspection, at a designated vehicles inspection centers. Consequently, some of the garages and/or the companies such as MOENCO, ORBIS Trading, MAYBACH Auto House P.L.C, BH Garage, Hagbes Light Vehicle Inspection Centre, Brook-Tech Annual Vehicle Inspection Centre, etc. also provide these annual inspection services.

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