Find the best hospitals in Ethiopia and stay safe


Driving in Addis Ababa and Ethiopia is sometimes tricky and can result in car accidents. In such moments, the panic and the fear can make it difficult to search and find the proper information. To stay safe and access the best medical cares, better to know in advance where to go to find the best hospitals locally.

Hopefully, we want to help you to ease your mind and make you fully enjoy your experience in this beautiful country. For that reason, here is a list our team has curated for you to save time and quickly have access to the services you may need.

Please, carefully have a look at this list and note all the interesting information we offer you, such as the addresses, or the phone numbers to easily contact the different hospitals in case you need it.

These places are the most highly regarded in Ethiopia, so make sure that they will provide you with all the best quality cares you may need.



Ethiopia’s Hospitals :


Myungsung Christian Medical Center

Address: Kebele 11, Addis Ababa

Tel: 251 11 629 5421

Fax: +251 11 629 2795    



Bethzatha Hospital

Address: Near Addis Stadium, PO Box: 55, Addis Ababa

Tel: 251 11 5514 141

Fax: +251 11 553 6524    


Girum Hospital

Address: Guelele District Near Swaziland Street, Addis Ababa

Tel: +251 11 275 7676

Fax: +251 11 275 5092    


Hayat Hospital

Address: Bole Sub City, Kebele 03, Addis Ababa

Tel: +251 1 620 882

Fax: +251 1 620 880         


B G M Mother & Child Hospital                

Address:Kirkos Subcity, Bole Road

Telephone:+251 1 15 521 593


Dej Balcha Memorial Hospital   

Address: Libete Kebele 7 House 707, Sao Thome & Principe Street, Addis Ababa

Telephone : +251 1 15 513 205


We hope that this list will help you to keep your safe, for this is our first concern.


Enjoy and have a safe car ride in Ethiopia !