You have bought a brand new car in Addis Ababa or a second hand used car, what you want is to keep it as clean as possible first for your own convenience, secondly to be able to sell it at the best possible price in Ethiopia when you will want to change car. Washing your car frequently is then an important maintenance service to perform regularly for that purpose. 

Recently, more and more car wash facilities have opened in the capital Addis Ababa as well as in other major towns of Ethiopia, such as Crystal Auto Group which has invested more than 16 million Birr to launch its first facilities on Bob Marley Square, on the road from Bole to Megenagna. Up to six vehicles can access this modern car wash centre facility at the same time. The company has also partnered with international companies to offer various automotive products, from international brands such as Armorall, Kent Car Care, STP, Tuff Stuff, and Duxone. They provide onsite carwash and autodetailing in various locations in the city such as Meskel Flower, Moenco and Gerji Imperial.

An other local company, AB Car Washing Service, has launched a brand new mobile car technology, copied from Dubai, bringing an eco-friendly and faster car wash service in the city. The local founder Abraham Girmay says its new car washing cart is easy to move and can carry up to 70 liters of water that can wash as much as 23 small vehicles! 

There are also the guys from Bubbles Car Wash in Addis Ababa, located in Bole Kefle Ketena offering car washing and car detailing services. They can be reached at +251 91 161 8050 and provide great service if you see their customer feedbacks. Also you have YZ Auto Spa, providing the same services and reachable at +251 91 137 3891 and located in Bole Medhanialem.

The numbers of car washing and detailing services in Addis Ababa keep on increasing as the customer demand increases too. CarGebeya will keep on giving you informations about this in order to take care of your mekina!